Resume Tips

Resume Tips

  • Keep it concise.
  • Sell yourself quickly and efficiently, you have 10-30 seconds to make the first cut, and 30-60 seconds to make the second cut.
  • Use bullet format – avoid long wordy paragraphs.
  • Make the most of your experience and accomplishments – be specific, use terminology of your industry, use #’s/ $’s/ %’s that your type of position tracks!
  • Use Action words – to emphasize your experience & accomplishments – empower your resume!
Administered Designed Negotiated
Advised Developed Organized
Analyzed Directed Persuaded
Appraised Edited Planned
Arranged Established Presented
Budgeted Estimated Presented
Chaired Evaluated Represented
Coached Explained Researched
Collaborated Facilitated Reviewed
Contacted Improved Sold
Cooperated Instructed Supervised
Coordinated Investigated Updated
Counseled Lead Visualized
Created Learned Wrote
Decided Managed
  • Resumes can be three pages long! Use it to your advantage to sell your experience.
  • Do NOT delete any jobs from your resume…if you only worked there one month, or you have been in the work force for a long time, be brief but do NOT omit it. It is a small world out there, and someone will know that it is missing and then that will raise all sorts of red flags that you may have a chance to resolve!

Do NOT put an objective on your resume.  We have learned to delete the objective before sending out resumes. Several times good candidates have been overlooked because their objective did not match what the company was offering – even though we had talked to the candidate and they were very interested in pursuing the opportunity – the hiring manager said their objective was not a match.  Why risk it?


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